Browning Canada 2019 Catalogue

1919 was a great year for John Moses Browning. On February 4, 1919 he was granted two U.S. Patent — Nos. 1,293,021 and 1,293,022. The first covered several improvements to the Model 1917 machine gun and the second was for the Browning Light Machine Gun — his legendary B.A.R. Later that year he was granted another patent for a pump-action .22 caliber rifle. This little rimfire saw production in the fabled Belgian factories of Fabrique Nationale for the European market, but was one of the few Browning- designed firearms that never made it to United States shores. Fast forward 100 years and the Browning brand is poised for another successful year. From firearms to knives, and apparel to safes, there are new and improved products to be discovered in every category. Each of these new products have been developed, tested and proven to give you the edge you need when you venture into the field, tree stand, marsh, mountains or step to the firing line. Just as it was a century ago, Browning innovation, quality and the desire to be The Best There Is for our customers has led us to dominate the firearms industry yet again. Browning 2019.