Browning Canada 2019 Catalogue

Features and Benefits LOW PROFILE RECEIVER • Improved recoil control and less muzzle jump are two of the biggest benefits of a low profile receiver. There is also the “one with the gun” feeling that makes the Citori 725 feel like an extension of your body. • Places the front hand closer to the bore line for superior hand-eye coordination and pointability. • Citori 725 receivers are machined from steel for a long life and feature a durable, attractive silver nitride finish. TRIPLE TRIGGER SYSTEM • The Triple Trigger System fine-tunes finger-to-trigger reach on target models. • Includes three interchangeable trigger shoes: Wide checkered, narrow smooth and wide smooth canted. PRO FIT ADJUSTABLE COMB • The Browning Pro Fit Adjustable Comb makes it easy to find the perfect comb position. • Pro Fit offers single bolt adjustment for both cast and drop. The revised design allows the stock to be professionally fit for shorter length of pull. • Easy to read markings allow the shotgun to be dialed-in and are easily replicated should the comb be removed. PRO BALANCE SYSTEM • The Pro Balance System allows you to fine-tune the balance point for a perfect mount and swing. • Adding weights to the stock helps balance the shotgun, aids follow-up shots and the additional mass reduces felt recoil. • Stock weights reduce muzzle jump for more accurate follow-up shots and allow a smoother follow through. • Pro Balance weights are easy to install. PALM SWELL • Optimizes finger-to-trigger placement. • Provides a comfortable, secure grip. FLOATING RIB • The floating rib allows the rib and barrel to expand at different rates, preventing changes to point of impact due to barrel heating. • Porting reduces felt recoil for faster target acquisition and increased shooting comfort. • Ventilated side rib increases air circulation to aid in barrel cooling. INVECTOR-DS CHOKE TUBE SYSTEM • Invector-DS choke tubes combine muzzle-end threads and thin-wall construction for a longer, more gradually tapered choke tube that produces extremely consistent, dense shot patterns. • From Cylinder to Extra Full, Invector-DS shot patterns tighten consistently in reliable, evenly scaled steps. • The more gradual taper of Invector-DS choke tubes reduces shot deformation for fewer flyers and gaps in the pattern and allows higher shot velocities for hard hitting performance. • The “DS” stands for double-seal. Our proprietary differential-banded brass seal compresses against the barrel wall to keep the choke tube threads clean and make installation and removal easier than any other muzzle thread system. • See pages 171 to 175 for our complete line of choke tubes and wrenches. ABS CASE • The sturdy, lockable ABS case is perfect for storage and transportation. ALL BROWNING FIREARMS ARE SHIPPED WITH A FREE LOCKING DEVICE TO ASSIST IN THE SAFE STORAGE OF FIREARMS. Triple Trigger System Floating Rib Pro Balance System Pro Fit Adjustable Comb Palm Swell Balance Point 6