Browning Canada 2019 Catalogue

Features and Benefits BOTTOM EJECTION AND LOADING • Unique bottom ejection throws empty hulls straight down, out of the line of sight. • The BPS is the best pump shotgun choice for both right- and left-handed shooters. RELIABLE PUMP-ACTION • The proven pump-action features rugged steel components. • Rigid double action bars are made from heat- treated steel to eliminate twisting and binding for faster, more efficient slide-action operation. • Reliable in all conditions. • A convenient serrated slide release is located at the rear of the trigger guard. RECEIVER • The receiver is machined from a solid block of forged steel. GRIPPING SURFACES • Camo composite BPS models have in-molded checkered gripping surfaces for a sure hold. TOP-TANG SAFETY • The thumb-operated, top-tang safety on the BPS can easily be operated with the right or left hand, even with gloves on. INTERCHANGEABLE CHOKE TUBES • To maximize versatility and optimize shot pattern performance, the BPS features Invector interchangeable chokes. 12 and 20 gauge models receive the Invector-Plus system and .410 bore models benefit from the Standard Invector system. Interchangeable choke tubes. See pages 171 to 175 for our complete line of choke tubes and wrenches. MAGAZINE CAPACITY • 2-3/4": Four in the magazine, one in the chamber. 3": Three in the magazine, one in the chamber. 3-1/2": Three in the magazine, one in the chamber. • A three-shot magazine adaptor plug is included. ALL BROWNING FIREARMS ARE SHIPPED WITH A FREE LOCKING DEVICE TO ASSIST IN THE SAFE STORAGE OF FIREARMS. Bottom Ejection and Loading Top-Tang Safety Reliable Pump-Action Maximum Grip All-Weather Contenders. The slide-action shotgun represents no nonsens reliability, and n other pump is better than the Browning BPS. The BPS continues to be the shotgun shooters rely on — no matter the conditions they face, season after season. 40