Browning Canada 2019 Catalogue

Bowhunter TV strives to educate, entertain and demonstrate to viewers how they can become better archers and more effective hunters, and to inspire their print, digital and TV audiences to enjoy bowhunting as a year-round pursuit and family lifestyle. Host Mike Carney has worked on Bowhunter TV since the program’s inception in 2005. A hardcore equipment junky, Mike loves testing and evaluating bowhunting gear on the program’s popular Tech Talk segment. Living in Illinois, Mike is a whitetail fanatic with a tremendous understanding of property management. When he isn't hunting, his fingers are in the dirt, improving the local herd health and potential of the ground he manages. Chris Denham and Nate Simmons are the hosts of Western Hunter TV , a program committed to teaching and entertaining viewers hunting in the vast expanse of the American West. Chris brings notable credentials to the program. He is the publisher of Western Hunter Magazine and has spent the better part of 30 years in the hunting industry. As a passionate hunter and guide, he possesses a great deal of knowledge about the region and its game animals. One of his most important endeavors is the group Outdoor Experience 4 All, which helps children with terminal or life-limiting illnesses get into the field on a hunting trip of their own. Nate Simmons is an accomplished outdoor writer and the producer and co-host of The Western Hunter TV . As a bowhunter, Nate is known to take extreme to a new level with his hardworking, do-it-yourself style. Andrew Vavra, Logan Hinners and Anthony Hauck are the hosts of Pheasants Forever’s Rooster Road Trip , an exciting online program that takes hunters road tripping across the country, hunting exclusively on public land, in pursuit of America’s most popular upland game bird. Their dedication to hunting and conservation goes well beyond the entertainment industry. Andrew is a published writer, accomplished blogger and serves as the Marketing Manager for Pheasants Forever. Logan is a die-hard hunter and designer. Anthony also works at Pheasants Forever as the Director of Public Relations. Go to to view episodes of Rooster Road Trip . While there, join Pheasants Forever and help ensure the future of the pheasant and its habitat. Mike Carney Chris Denham Andrew Vavra Curt Wells Nate Simmons Logan Hinners Anthony Hauck Meet the Pros. From world-class shooters to the hardest of th hardcore hunters to unique personalities, the members of the Browning Pro Staff all share a love of the outdoors, the shooting sports and the greatest gun brand in the world. Pro Staff members are chosen for their skill, professionalism and enthusiasm in promoting the Browning brand. Look for these faces at major shooting events and on your television screen. FOSTER AND MATT BARTHOLOW Foster and Matt are stars on the ATA trapshooting circuit, and both shoot Browning trap shotguns. The brothers came up through the Scholastic Clay Target Program and have made their mark within the pro ranks. Matt has earned several Grand American Championship titles, holds the 2nd longest recorded singles run at 1,840, achieved his Grand Slam (and Grand American Grand Slam), owns several South Dakota State Champion titles and is a three time All-American Team member. Foster is also a Grand American Champion and set a shoot off record at the Grand with 200 targets in program and 900 in shoot off. He is a two-time All-American Team member, achieving his Grand Slam (and Grand American Grand Slam) shooting 200 singles, 100 doubles and 100 handicap from the 27 yard line. He too holds multiple South Dakota State Champion titles. Foster Bartholow Matt Bartholow 282